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Exhibition “La Mémoire de l’Intime” – 150 Years PrimaDonna

Hello girls!

It’s been a long time!  How are you?  How summer treated you?  🙂

Back in June, I visited an exhibition about the lingerie brand PrimaDonna, “La Mémoire de l’Intime”, at the Bozar in Brussels.  And I loved it!  I loved the pieces they showed.  I loved the “educational” part.  I loved the mood of it.


The exhibition took place in a small, dimly lit room, and it made the atmosphere very cosy.  Which, I think, makes perfect sense; it is totally consistent with the subject of the exposition.  To me, fine lingerie is about seduction, sultriness, and intimacy.




The exposed pieces represented a wide range of the brand’s history.  it was interesting because you could see the evolution of this extremely important piece of clothing.  The exhibition is definitely about fashion history, but also, I believe, about history, period.  It showed how the lingerie went from strictly a functional garment, to a refined and pretty piece of clothing.







Finally, the exposition proposed videos and tools necessary for the making of women’s underwear.  These explained and demonstrated how craftsmanship really is in the center of the PrimaDonna’s process.  It was instructive and enlightening: for a small garment, lots of various parts are necessary, and lots of work have to be done.


Did you have a chance to go see that exhibition?  What did you think of it?



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