Hello everyone,

My name is S and I am a twenty-something Belgian.  I live in a small and super cute town in the French speaking part of Belgium.  The reason why I started this blog?  Well unsurprisingly, I just love fashion.  Always have, always will.  I am a very private person – if you looked at my blog, you probably noticed that there aren’t any pictures of me and I will probably try to keep those at a bare minimum – but still, I will try to tell you a little more about myself.

When you’re a little girl (or a little boy, I don’t discriminate), people ask you “What do you want to be when you grow up?”.  And to that question, I always answered the same thing: “I want to be a fashion designer…. or a lawyer” (I love Ally Mac Beal).  I was genuinely convinced I would study law or fashion design.  I guess the latter was more of a dream career.  You see, I’m an extremely reasonable person (probably too reasonable sometimes), and I don’t think I would have risked that: good schools are expensive, while the probability of success is quite low.  Let me tell you a little anecdote.  In my last year of secondary school – senior year for my American readers 😉 – we had the opportunity to meet professionals from the sector you were interested in.  I met a man who worked in fashion, and he asked me if I had any questions.  I didn’t.  Not specific questions anyways.  I just wanted to know what it was like to work in fashion.  He told me, and I will remember that all my life: “If you don’t have any questions, this meeting is pointless.  My goal here is to deter you from choosing these studies.”  There were too many fashion-designers-wannabe, and not enough places he said.  Well, let’s just say that this lovely man achieved his goal.  Now, you are probably telling yourself, so S is a lawyer then.  Well…. no, that’s the other thing.  A couple months before graduating high school, I decided for a Bachelor (and then Master, and then Doctorate) in Business.  This is just a tiny example of how indecisive I can be 🙂

Now, why this blog?  Yes, I love fashion but there are plenty of great fashion blogs out there.  I told you earlier that I’m from Belgium.  But the reason why this information is in the name of my blog, is that I ❤ Belgium.  I’m proud to be Belgian.  We have plenty of super talented people in Belgium: singers, actors, directors, but also, designers.  Hence, what I will try to do with this blog, among other things, is to make you discover Belgian designers, and Belgian brands.  But, I will also write about my favorite brands, my fashion icons, some styling tips, …

Since we live in a super-duper-connected world, you can find me everywhere: Google+, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and, if you want to know more about my inspiration, favorite designers (Elie Saab, Zuhair Murad to only name a few), and style icons, you can check out my Tumblr 🙂

I hope you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it (and if you do, you can subscribe here 😉 )!  If you have any questions, any requests, any comments, please feel free to contact me.  I’m really looking forward to reading you!


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