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How To Wear The Striped Tee? La Marinière et Moi, A Love Story

Hey there,

I hope you’re all doing great 🙂

In this post, I’ll write about one of my favorite pieces: la Marinière.

Les pulls marins vont avec tout, ne se démodent pas et ne se démoderont probablement jamais » – Jean-Paul Gaultier

Sketch by Jean-Paul Gaultier (Photo Credit: Le Grand Palais)

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For The Love of Heels

Shoes.  High heels.  After diamonds, I think they are a girl’s best friend… So that makes them a girl’s second best friend.  Good enough for shoes, right?  And since we can’t all afford diamonds but that we all have shoes, that makes them our first best friend.  Seems pretty logical to me!

Now, as you probably guessed by now, this post is dedicated to shoes.  My shoes.  My newly-purchased-on-sales shoes.  And I might have slightly overdone it this time, I bought three pairs of stilettos… One pair from Essentiel-Antwerp, one pair from Vic Matié, and another from Irene Costa.

Stilettos Essentiel-Antwerp

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How To Mix and Match Styles?

Hey there,

I hope your week went well!  So, I want to know, what did you shop on sales these past few weeks?

As far as I’m concerned, I found a bunch of cool stuffs I’m really happy about.  And in this post, I’ll show you two pieces I got at Xandres/Hampton Bays that make for a great look.  (By the way, I already wrote to you about this great Belgian brand – if you wanna check the previous post, it’s here 😉 )

One of the things I like to do with my looks, is to mix and match styles.  In this case, it’s a pair of casual printed pants, and a very elegant blouse with shawl collar.

Blouse by Xandres, and Pants by Hampton Bays

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How To Wear The Classic Button-Down Shirt?

Hey girls,

How are you?  Did you have a good week?  I hope you killed it 🙂

With this post, I will introduce a new category: One Piece, X Looks.  Because it’s always nice to be able to wear a piece of clothing that you love with different looks.  It keeps things fresh and prevents you from getting bored with your favorite piece.

In this first post, I decided to show you my ideas about the different ways you can wear the (extremely classic, the timeless, drumroll please….) shirt.  I bought one this summer, a Massimo Dutti, and I love it (pictures on my Instagram); but I already had several other shirts in my beloved wardrobe (from various brands, ranging from Mer du Nord, to Ralph Lauren, and including G-Star Raw for instance; and of various colors):

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First Purchase of the Season: Maxi Skirt from Kocca

Hey there,
How have you been?  You know I told you last week that I went shopping and that I found bought 2 lovely pieces.  Well, in this post I will show you this second item.
I bought a maxi skirt, also from Kocca.  When I saw it, I loved it immediately; but I wasn’t sure it would suit me, given that I’m quite short.  Well, guess what?!  It looked great, and I have to say I’m really glad about it 🙂
Check it out (I took the pictures from the brand’s website):
Maxi Skirt from SS15 Kocca

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First Purchase of the Season: A Dress from Kocca

Hi there,
So I’ll make a small hiatus in the review of my favorite looks.  One of the reasons is that I’m still waiting on the presentation of the new collection proposed by Mer du Nord.  The other reason is that I want to tell you about a piece I bought.
I went shopping this week, and I found two pieces I absolutely love.  To be honest, I found plenty of pieces I absolutely love, what I meant to say is “among the tons of beautiful items in the boutique, I only bought two pieces”.
The article I will write about today is a dress from Kocca.  It’s a dress composed of two parts: a sort of mini and form hugging skirt, and a fluid and large blouse with a deep V-neck.  I will wear it with a white tank top underneath, since the V-neck is like, really deep.  I’m sure some women/girls would wear the dress with nothing underneath, but I wouldn’t pull it off.  I’d feel a little uncomfortable.  Besides, the skirt is already quite short… I don’t need to show everything 😉 As usual, I took the pictures from the brand’s website.  Let’s have a look:
Kocca Dress – SS15

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Another Classic, Another Shirt

Hello people!
How are you today?
In this post, I’m going to write you about another piece I bought recently.  It is another shirt, but super different from the white shirt I talked about in the last post.
The truth is, I’m not even into shirts that much.  I think it’s gorgeous, I think it’s a classic look, and timeless; but I don’t wear that kind of piece that often.
Anyways, The shirt I bought is from Hotel Particulier.  It’s the first time I buy from this brand, so I don’t have any idea of the quality.  But, what I DO know is that I.LOVE.IT 🙂  Just look at it:
Shirt from Hotel Particulier – This is not me, the picture is from the brand’s site

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How To Wear The Classic White Shirt With a Twist

Hi there!
How are you today?  I hope that you are all looking as stylish as ever 🙂
Today, I will write about an item I bought this year.  I remember seeing it for the first time, when discovering the new collection back in August.  And I remember thinking: This.Is.Gorgeous.I.Have.To.Have.It.  So I bought it.  It is not such a great idea to fight with yourself on serious matters like that 😉
It is a (beautiful) shirt from IKKS:
Crepe Shirt from IKKS

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